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From the time of your first inquiry, you’ll be matched with one of our professional Career Guides who’ll work alongside of you from application to your arrival in the United States.

You’ll grow to consider them like family as they’ll use their extensive experience to assist you in navigating the process that leads to your new career opportunity.

Our professional Career Guides coordinate all communication between our team of professionals like immigration lawyers, POEA accredited sourcing agents, and credentialing and certification teams keeping the application process easy to understand and ensuring you meet important deadlines.


Arriving In The United States

After your arrival in the United States, your personal Career Guide will remain at your side to guide your assimilation into the US culture and simplify the acquisition of the basic needs like housing, bank accounts and driver’s licenses. They’ll also set-up and train you on the use of our proprietary digital communication network connecting you with your Career Guide, your employer, and other groups like professional organizations that offer its members mentorship, leadership development, and educational programs essential for professional advancement.

The Philippine Connection

How it all began

Shortly after the Philippines became a U.S. colony in 1898, the U.S. implemented American nursing programs in the Southeast Asian islands. The Americanized curriculum and standards were taught in English and inadvertently prepared them to easily qualify to work in the U.S.

Then In 1948, just two years after the Philippines gained their independence, the United States in an effort to combat communist propaganda during the Cold War, created the Visitor Exchange Program. The program encouraged exchange visitors from all countries to come to the U.S. to work and study for two years while learning about American culture and democracy.

Coming out of WW II, there was a critical shortage of nurses and hospitals began advertising and offering incentives for Filipino nurses to work in the U. S. In the ensuing years, many Filipino nurses, already trained in American-style nursing, came to the United States through the Exchange Program.

In 1965, the Immigration and Nationality Act was passed which allowed a larger number of Filipino citizens to migrate to the U.S. and more and more nurses found their way to America.

Today, the Philippines are the leading exporter of professional nurses providing the U. S. with nearly one-third of all foreign-born nurses. It is estimated that since the mid 1960’s, that there have been over 150,00 Filipino nurses who have migrated to the U.S.

What began as a way to spread American culture to the Philippines has not only become a remedy for the critical shortage of professional nurses in the U.S. but has also brought Filipino culture to the U. S.

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